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While Bernie Sanders is threatening to take the lead against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Clinton still has a chance to become the 45th President of the United States. The prospect of electing the first female Commander in Chief certainly has its appeal. We all yearn to be represented by leaders who truly understand us and therefore will fight for us.

But ladies, Hillary is not the hero you’re looking for.

Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a champion of women’s rights. I, however, pay heed to the philosophy that actions speak louder than words. In examining her actions, you’ll find that while Hillary Clinton certainly talks the talk, she utterly fails to walk the walk.

In fact, she’s a highly-accomplished hypocrite. For example:

If Mrs. Clinton truly believed in gender equality, she would not act as though she’s entitled to the presidency simply because she’s a woman.

She would not use her gender as a cop-out for a hard question. She would not state that she’s not part of “the establishment”—as she did in a recent debate —solely because she’s a woman.

She would understand that to do so would seem to suggest that a woman can’t be part of “the establishment,” as though being a woman automatically makes you the underdog. I don’t want someone who thinks women are the underdogs to represent me.

I want someone who runs on good ideas and pure intellect. And maybe she happens to be a woman. But it’s not her entire platform.

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It’s ridiculous and unfair for Hillary to use her sex as a reason to vote for her. I was taught that one should neither take credit for nor be shamed for something that he or she cannot control. This includes sex. And yet, Hillary talks about being a woman as though it’s some bold endeavor she’s chosen to take on, and thus she should be rewarded. Imagine the uproar that would—rightly—ensue if a man did the same.

Furthermore, if Hillary was really the heroine for women’s rights she pretends to be, she would not allow herself to be repeatedly stepped on by her morally-dehydrated husband amidst all his sexual pursuits. And she would not hush the victims of these pursuits, as she has done repeatedly.

It baffles me – how can you trust a woman who says she’ll fight for you, for victims of sexual harassment and assault, when she’s hurt, hushed and refused to believe women who have suffered such trauma from her husband?

Kathleen Willey, for example, was a former volunteer aide to Bill Clinton and thanks to him, is a victim of sexual assault. In an interview with host of “The Kelly File” Megyn Kelly, Willey said of Mrs. Clinton,

“She singlehandedly orchestrated every one of the investigations of all these women [who accused her husband of sexual crimes].”

Mrs. Clinton, therefore, helped her husband get off scot-free regarding many cases filed against him by victimized women. Hence, she has a history of hurting the very women she’s promised to help.

“[Voters] have no idea what [Hillary] stands for and who she is,” said Willey. “They’re going to vote for her because it’s cool to elect the first woman president. They should be educated … What happened to me was terrifying.” Allow me to beg you to educate yourself.      

Finally, if Hillary Clinton was truly a role model who empowers women, she would not propose that a mother make a decision both physically and emotionally harmful to herself and fatal to another human being as the solution for a woman in a time of crisis.

She would not defend the loss of millions of baby girls since Roe v. Wade in 1973, nor their fellow million male counterparts. She would mourn them. She would fight for them. She would recognize we deserve better than abortion and would search relentlessly for another solution.

In short, I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton not because I don’t root for my own gender. In fact, that’s the exact reason I would never vote for her.

Hillary Clinton is not the hero she pretends to be; she has proven to be destructive to women. Yes, electing the first female president would be exciting and empowering—but only if she’s up for the job.

Don’t elect Hillary just because she’s a woman—that is something she has no control over. Examine  Hillary’s record concerning things that she can control, however, and you may find yourself severely disappointed. Truly, ladies, we could do much better. ◼︎

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