Several Lutes met downstairs in the University Center Tuesday night and set up TVs, video games and a pong table. Throughout the night, the crowd of Lutes relaxing varied in size from fifteen to twenty.

Lutes assembled in the basement of the UC Tuesday night to play pong and video games, listen to music, and hang out.

Sophomores Quenessa Long, Tono  Sablan, and Austin Beiermann organized the event.

“We wanted to create a space for students. Right now, if you live in Stuen and want to hang out with someone in T-Stad, you had to go to one of the Residence Halls, theres no place for every student to come together,” Beiermann said. “We wanted to make that happen.”

Though all of the Lutes involved in organizing the hangout plan to run for student leadership positions next semester, that wasn’t the main idea of the event.

“I’m running for RHA VP, Miranda’s running for RHA President, Austin is running for ASPLU President,” Sablan said. “This is a change we wanted to see happen, but we didn’t want to wait for it to happen. You don’t need to have a gold name tag position to make something like this happen. This is just a couple of T.V.s, we got some games, we got a pong table.”

Lutes played Guitar Hero, Smash Bros., and Water Pong until 10 p.m. ◼︎

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