I like to call myself a K-Pop enthusiast. I used to call myself K-Pop trash (I mean, it’s still kind of the same thing), but enthusiast is a better word. Anyway, welcome to the first installment of K-Pop with Kiana! As a little introduction, K-Pop isn’t just music — it’s a culture. You’ll hear about not only music in this column, but movies, dramas, maybe some celebrity news and some cultural tidbits here and there.

Why should you read this column, you ask? Well, although I am not Korean, I have invested the last five years of my life into exploring Korean culture, music, history and then some. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I know everything there is to know about Korean culture as a whole. So, best believe, if I don’t know anything about it, I won’t act like I do. With that being said, take my metaphorical hand and let’s get started!


Idol: A term used to describe popular artists. Popular groups are also referred to as Idol Groups.

Comeback: This happens when an artist/group has been out of the scene for a while, but all of the sudden surprises fans with new music. Comebacks can happen in any span of time, from a few weeks to a few years.

Drama: Also known as a TV show.

Who’s Coming Back?

For the entirety of their last comeback, BTS (pictured below) teased us with those cryptic messages at the end of their music videos: “boy meets what” turned into “boy meets __,” and after four agonizing months, we now know that boy meets evil! What that means exactly will most likely be revealed in their full-length album to be released on Oct. 10. “Wings” will be the boys’ second full-length album, and I know I can speak for all fans when I say we are dying to hear it. Check out BigHit’s YouTube channel to watch each member’s teaser videos for this new project.

Monsta X is coming back! Do you feel Guilty for not knowing this? The boys are back with their second installment of their series titled “The Clan.” After their success with “The Clan, Pt. 1 <Lost>,” they are preparing to steal our hearts away yet again. I’m honestly never prepared for a Monsta X comeback—are you? “The Clan, Pt.  2 <Guilty>” drops Oct. 4.

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Performing Now!

My heart is experiencing some Turbulence after hearing GOT7’s new album. “Flight Log: Turbulence,” the second installment of their “Flight Log” series, was gifted to us on Sept. 27, and if you haven’t skipped a class to listen to it yet, you’re doing it wrong. The title track, “Hard Carry,” has a completely different vibe compared to their last album, but you certainly won’t be disappointed. Peep YouTube for the video and prepare yourself for some outstanding performance stages.

INFINITE is back! After being away from us for a little over a year, they have returned and blessed us with “Infinite Only,” their sixth mini-album! Their title track, “The Eye,” has a dark and haunting sound with the violin accompaniment to match. Promotions for their title track have just begun. Watch the video on YouTube and keep up with their many stages to come!

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