Sports Editor

I am the new Sports editor for spring 2016. I was a member of the 2013-2014 Lutes softball team. Softball has always been a large part of my life and it was always my dream to play in college. Being a Lute athlete my freshman year was an experience that challenged me and taught me a lot about PLU and about myself.

When I decided against playing softball my sophomore year, I knew I needed to stay involved in sports as much as I possibly could; that is how I came to write for the sports section of the Mast. I was a contributor to the sports section from January 2015 until I accepted the editor position in January of 2016.

As sports editor, I hope to bring readers up to date and exciting PLU athletics news every week. I will focus most of my attention on PLU athletics, but I will also cover national and international stories. Whether it be the Lutes, Seahawks, or the Mariners, I hope to bring honest and in-depth coverage of everything happening in the Washington sports world each week.

Just like many readers, I love sports and couldn’t imagine not knowing how my favorite team is doing any given week. As not everyone at PLU is from Washington state, if any readers have a beloved team that they want to be featured, please do not hesitate to contact me. I want to make sure that readers are actually reading what they want to be reading and seeing the teams they want to be seeing.

Also, if any readers are interested in writing for the sports section of the Mast, again do not hesitate to contact me. Writing about sports is almost as fun as playing them. ◼︎

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