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Welcome Paris Franklin and thanks for the invitation to write; the power of our voices is not to be underestimated. (‘Letter from the Editor’ by Paris Franklin, Mast Media, April 7, 2016).  I am a spotted Lute:  My father attended Pacific Lutheran University when I was growing up, and then I attended miscellaneous classes for continuing education as a teacher in Tacoma and had the privilege to work with the football players and cheerleaders in a partnership with Lister Elementary.  Now retired from teaching, I volunteer with RESULTS (results.org), working to end  hunger and poverty in our world.  It is so amazing that for the first time in the history of mankind, this is actually possible.  Currently, we are calling and writing our representatives and senators asking them to pass the Reach Every Mother and Child Act.  This bill aims at ending the preventable deaths of 289,000 mothers and nearly six million children under five each year.  What a great time to pass this legislation with Mother’s Day coming up.  How about giving a call, email, tweet, text or visit to your representative and senators and asking them to pass this life-saving legislation?  It doesn’t matter where in America you are from since this is national.  You could even make your mom a card and tell her you did this in her honor! ◼︎

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