Pacific Lutheran University journal of social justice, The Matrix, has its Fall 2016 issue, themed on fear, coming out next week. This year’s editor, senior Morgan Stark, filled us in on the inspiration for and highlights of the new issue.

Mast Media: For students who might not not know, what is The Matrix?

Morgan Stark: The Matrix is the social justice student magazine here at PLU. It is a place for members of the PLU community to submit writing and artwork that expresses ideas about social justice issues that are prevalent in our society.

Why did you choose the theme of fear?

I chose fear because I believe many inequalities and injustices in our world stem from the fears that we let control us. Fear is a major factor that drives people to violence and feeling the need to dominate over other groups of people that are different than themselves. Fear has the power not only to drive people to marginalize others, but also to stop those who experience injustices to act against dominant powers.

What does the election mean for your theme?

Ultimately, I think it will just bring more attention to the magazine because fear has been such a big emotion for people during this past election. But I hope the magazine will be a way for people to gain wisdom for ways to not let fear control us in regard to politics and any other aspect of our lives.

What are the highlights of the new issue for you? What are you most excited to share with the PLU community?

I am really excited for people to read the ways that the writers integrated fear into their social justice topics. The submissions are very creative and I am excited that the magazine was a place to showcase that creativity.

What are you hoping that people will take away from this issue of The Matrix?

That from fear we can always gain wisdom.

The fall issue will be distributed across campus next week, with extra copies available in the lower AUC by The Matrix office (AUC 144). Students who are interested in submitting or getting involved with the spring issue can contact Morgan Stark at ◼︎

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