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Remember Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl? While stalking him a few weeks ago, I discovered he’s actually quite the talented musician.

Penn Badgley is one of four members of the band MOTHXR who started recording their album last April. It’s coming out this Friday, and I can’t wait.Penn3

Even before they managed to secure a record deal, they sold out gigs in Europe.

Their music is a blend of electronica and indie rock. Their tour in the U.S. is starting in April.

According to Badgley, the band is not making any money – at least not enough – but they all do it because they are so passionate about music.

They have released some singles already. “She Can’t Tell” is my favorite of the songs I have heard. The song was in first place on Irish DJ Annie Mac’s Power Down Playlist.

MOTHXR debut album, “Centerfold,” is on Spotify and Apple Music.

You can hear MOTHXR on Monday Mornings with Molly on MAST radio.

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