Editor’s note:

Sergia Hay has contacted Campus Safety regarding the events described in this Letter to the Editor and requested a formal investigation.

Dear Pacific Lutheran University Community,

It has come to my attention in the last day that an incident took place on our campus on election night.  According to the accounts I’ve heard, a racial slur was used and a student was spit upon.

Because I have heard this from multiple sources, by people who claim they were present, I believe this deserves a thorough investigation.

Furthermore, I believe that if the investigation confirms the veracity of these claims, namely that one or more of our students used a racial slur and spat upon another student, these actions constitute threatening and harassing behavior and warrant immediate expulsion from our university.

These actions could possibly constitute a punishable crime under Washington Law RCW 9a.36.080 and flagrantly contradict PLU’s mission of care and our stated values of diversity and justice.

Merely listening to each other will not solve the problems of bigotry and violence. Not all speech is equal. Hate speech does not deserve equal consideration.

As a faculty member deeply committed to our university’s mission and as a faithful Lutheran emboldened by this religious tradition’s emphasis on justice, I believe it is imperative that we not excuse nor allow hate and its manifestations on our campus.


Sergia Hay

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

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