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PLU has moved forward with transferring sales of towers and frequencies over to KUOW Board of Regents. More information can be found by looking up the facts at the FCC.

On Nov. 12, 2015 it was announced that KPLU would be sold to KUOW at University of Washington. Since then, KPLU started a  fundraising campaign to gather funds to buy KPLU back. A website, savekplu.org, was created Jan.11, 2016 to help spread news about saving KPLU.

Even the general manager at KPLU, Joey Cohn, has publicly asked people to contribute money so that a community group can make a bid to buy KPLU.

There are petitions and Facebook pages for people to go to and lend support.

Two “loyal listeners” (as they are identified on kplu.org) challenged the KPLU listeners to match their $200,000 donation to the fundraiser. The goal was met in just six days, pushing the total donation past the $2 million mark, where it rests currently at almost $2.2 million.

“Sitting in reception at the offices of KUOW, a caller had contacted the station to donate $50 to the fundraising campaign,” said junior Molly Undal, an intern at KPLU.

The next Save KPLU community meeting will take place next Saturday, March 19, at the Dragonfly Cinema in Port Orchard.

The public owns the airwaves. If you’d like to comment on the whole situation use this State File Number- BALED-20160204AFY as a reference and visit FCC.Gov.If you’d also like to stay up to date with news  or donate to KPLU, visit KPLU.org/save-KPLU. ◼︎

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