The Scandinavian Cultural Center recently announced the winners of their Munch-inspired art contest, a competition sparked by the Tacoma Art Museum’s Edvard Munch exhibit in honor of Pacific Lutheran University’s 125th anniversary.

TAM got the idea for an exhibition about Edvard Munch after Ward held a meeting with the Director of TAM, Stephanie Stebich. President Krise suggested the two meet because of Ward’s background in museums. She used to work at the Smithsonian Institution.

Ward and Stebich partnered with Advancement Officer Kim Nesselquist to bring a number of Munch prints to TAM. Once those prints had been secured, TAM could easily access loaned prints from other museums.

Influenced by TAM, the Scandinavian Cultural Center wanted to allow students to show off Munch-inspired art pieces as part of an on-campus commemoration of the artist. Ward said the center wanted to make sure students understood that the Munch exhibit at TAM was being produced in their honor. Knowing that students might not be able to travel downtown for the official exhibit, Ward partnered with the art department to bring Munch-inspired student art.

“I was so blown away by the quality of the work that came in and so pleased by the range of students,” Ward said. “It was wonderful to meet art students I had never met before and to have the chance to show their work at the SCC.”

The SCC turned the opportunity into a contest, giving away cash prizes to the first, second and third place winners. Winners included: First Years Hannah Nagy and Camille Larocca (first), Senior Elly Stormer-Vadseth (second) and Senior Sarah Berger (third). ◼︎

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