Stephen Curry is out for at least two weeks with an Medial Collateral Ligament sprain. The sprain is the most minor sprain that Curry could receive, but the NBA star will still be out for weeks.

But what will the Golden State Warriors be without their star? When your team has a player that has been compared to Michael Jordan, not many would believe they could make it through the NBA finals without them. Most of the stories covering Curry’s injury don’t talk about the star’s future health, but instead about his team’s chances in the finals.

The Warriors have been struggling through games without Curry and it is uncertain how they will continue on without him. Curry has emerged in recent years as a force in the NBA. He has already broken the NBA’s record for three-pointers in a single season and his team, the Golden State Warriors, broke the record for games won this season. Under Curry’s spectacular performance, the Warriors have flourished. Curry believes that his team can go on without him, but others aren’t so sure.

Stephen Curry already missed game two & three against the Rockets with a sprained ankle and came back for game four for only a short time. Curry went two-nine in game four, the worst he has done the whole season. He then slipped on a wet spot on the floor and came up limping. He attempted to come back into the game, but did not feel strong enough. Curry received an MRI on Monday that confirmed it is only an MCL sprain.

If the Golden State Warriors can make it through the two weeks without Curry, they have a very good chance of winning the NBA championship. If Curry’s rehab takes longer than expected, the Warriors could run out of steam without their star player.

The Golden State Warriors play the Houston Rockets Sunday, May 1 in California. ◼︎

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