TERRAN WARDEN; Mast Radio Arts & Culture Producer; wardentc@plu.edu


Matt Salzano of The Mast joins Terran again to discuss entertainment news and give their opinions on the stories.


Terran and Matt first follow up on the major stories of the first podcast including Lindsay Lohan’s European nightmare and Chris Brown’s standoff with the police.

Next, Terran and Matt take turns reporting every story from September 15th to September 29th, rapid fire style, including music, television, and just plain bizarre news.

brangelinasplit002Terran and Matt then discuss the breakup of Brangelina, the attack of Gigi Hadid (and Kim Kardashian) by Vitalli Sedchuik, and he wrongful death lawsuits of Jim Carrey and Bobbi Kristina Brown in depth.

Terran ends the podcast with the upcoming concerts in our area after telling the tale of when she caught Beyonce shopping and at her hotel a few years back.

Tune in to the Terran’s Take podcast every other Thursday from 4pm to 5pm. Episode 3 is October 13th.

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