TERRAN WARDEN; Mast Radio Arts & Culture Producer; wardentc@plu.edu


Terran Warden is joined by Matt Salzano for a session of entertainment news recaps and opinions focused on the world of celebrity.

For the first podcast, Terran and Matt introduce themselves, who they are fans of, and more importantly who they are not fans of.

Next, Terran and Matt spill the tea and discuss the drama between Kim Kardashian, her husband Kanye West, and their new enemy Taylor Swift along with breaking down Lindsay Lohan’s chaos in Europe and Chris Brown’s standoff with the LAPD.

Finishing up the show, Terran describes the time she “met” Demi Lovato just a few weeks ago!


Tune in to the Terran’s Take podcast every other Thursday from 4pm to 5pm. Episode 2 is September 29th.


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Terran Warden
Terran Warden was an Arts & Culture producer for Mast Media while she was at PLU. Her TV and radio program "Terran's Take" provided unique and entertaining updates on popular culture.

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