Pacific Lutheran University is now accepting applications for the position of University Pastor to serve in the 2016-17 school year.

Earlier this month the Campus Ministry Nominating Committee, along with the help of Interim University Pastor John Rosenberg, crafted the job description and posted it to the public. The application period is now open and will last for about two months, with the nominations being screened through the Southwestern Washington Synod.

It is unknown how many applications have been received at this time, but Pastor Rosenberg expects about 50-60 people to apply.

“There has been people who have been asking about this job since last summer,” Rosenberg said. “There are a lot of really good, qualified applicants out there — PLU is an exciting place, and this is an attractive position.”

After the application and interview process is over, the Nominating Committee selects the top five applicants and narrows the pool down to three with the help of the Campus Ministry Council and Rosenberg.

“The challenge for the new pastor will be to hang onto and share john-rosenberg-130x130-2those uniquely Lutheran gifts.”

John P. Rosenberg

Interim University Pastor

Then, the top three applicants are  introduced to University President Thomas Krise and Vice President of Student Life Dr. Joanna Royce-Davis. Krise and Davis select one applicant, and the Southwestern Washington Synod extends the official call.

If all goes well, a new University Pastor will be in place for next fall. In the meantime, Rosenberg will finish out the year at PLU.

Rosenberg came out of retirement to serve as PLU’s Interim University Pastor. During this year, it was his job to bridge the gap between the past and the future of Campus Ministry while the University did not have an official pastor.

“Interim pastors come, by definition, during a transition, so you are helping to say goodbye to what was and hello to what might be,” Rosenberg said. “You are closing a chapter and also getting ready to open a new one.”

Rosenberg enjoyed his time serving at PLU and is excited to be a part of the process in hiring a new full-time pastor. He is confident in the Committee’s ability to make decisions, but believes the new pastor must have an inclusive mindset in order to be successful at the University.

“I think it’s somebody that should be really rooted in the best of the Lutheran tradition, but at the same time, somebody who is willing to be hospitable to people of different religious understandings,” Rosenberg said. “PLU is a wonderful and exciting place. The challenge for the new pastor will be to hang onto and share those uniquely Lutheran gifts.” ◼︎

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