It’s puppy smastinoeason, and while we’re all trying to pay for college, puppies are so cute (and so expensive). We thought we could narrow down a few dog breeds that are college life friendly. We picked dogs that can handle small apartment spaces, don’t bark excessively and have low-to-moderate exercise needs (and are really really cute tbh).

Number 1: Mastiff AKA the gentle giant

I know you weren’t expecting number one to be a big dawg, but this one is really cute, I promise. Mastiff’s have easy going temperamentsmastiff and only need moderate activity so they make great apartment buddies. If you decide on a Mastiff we suggest a daily walk— especially during the destructive puppyhood years.

Warning: this cutie prepared.

Number 2: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

First of all, these dogs are literally ‘puppy cute’ their whole lives. We would count that as a come up. The Cavalier was bred for life in a palace, so as long as there is a comfy lap available, they’ll live a long happy life. Cavaliers can handle long and short walks, hikes, beaches and couch potato-ing. These little guys are usually quiet unless they see a squirrel..but aren’t we all?spaniels

frenchieNumber 3: French Bulldog

First of all, if you don’t love Frenchies you might want to reevaluate your life…Second of all, these cuties are so small and quiet an
d CUTE that your life will instantaneously get better. Frenchies have short easy-care coat in a variety of colors. WARNING: This little lady’s pushed-in snout makes him susceptible to heat-related collapse, which means that she’s perfect for the PNW.



Number 4:
 Pug AKA The Charmerpug

We at Mast Media, adore the pug. This dog is so odd that it’s adorable. Pugs are playful and affectionate, they are also adaptable to any environment or lifestyle. As long as they are loved they will be happy. You can dress them up or probably cure cancer with its cuteness. Pugs also don’t need a whole lot of exercise, so they’re good indoor dogs. WARNING: Pugs snore…

Number 5: Scottish Terrier

Scottie’s are sassy but they love their family with everything they’ve got. A daily walk and some sturdy toys will keep them busy. Scottie’s aren’t barkers, but they naturally stay alert making excellent watchdogs. WARNING: This pup needs regular grooming to keep up that famous coat.



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