So long, Salzano

MATTHEW SALZANO; Editor-in-Chief;

This is my last issue as Editor-in-Chief of The Mast.

My time at Mast Media has given me great perspective and pride for this university and all its students, faculty and staff.

Now, I’m taking that experience and passion and launching a campaign for Vice President of Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University, running alongside junior Alex Lund.

It’s not just important that this publication stay fair, balanced, and as far away from bias and conflicts of interest as possible — it’s absolutely vital.

The Mast has been a vital part of PLU for more than 90 years. If you check out Phillip Nordquist’s PLU history books from the library, you’ll see reference upon reference to Mast reporting. Each issue, we help create the framework for the collective understanding of Pacific Lutheran University.

The Mast helps determine what is talked about now and what is remembered in the future.

It is my ethical duty, as a journalist and as a Lute, to make sure I do not “compromise integrity or impartiality,” or “damage credibility,” as is written in the SPJ Code of Ethics. So, I’ve decided to step down from my work at Mast Media.

I invite other candidates to contact The Mast for their own announcements: they are eager to talk to you. As the election begins, reporters at Mast Media are ready to continue to inform the PLU community with excellent reporting: in print and online.

As for me?

I look forward to picking up each new issue of the Mast along the way. 🅼

Matthew Salzano

Class of 2018 Communication and Women's and Gender Studies double-major. Matt Served as the 2016-17 Editor-in-Chief of The Mast and as a writer for He also previously served as Entertainment Editor and Mast TV General Manager. From Spokane, Washington. Studied away in Oxford January/Spring 2016.

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