This year, instead of doing a Homecoming dance, the Student Activities Board (SAB) decided to change things up and put on a Homecoming Carnival.


“I came up with the idea of a Carnival in March of last year,” said junior Josie Courtney, Director of SAB. “I think it’s important to include the whole student body in the Homecoming activities, and a dance just wasn’t doing that.”

The carnival had more than 400 people total in attendance. This is over four times the amount of people who went to the Homecoming dance last year. It was also free and on campus, which made it more accessible to students and those in the PLU community.

“I am passionate about student programming and incorporating it into a campus-wide tradition. A tradition that will outlast my time here at PLU and benefit students and the PLU community for years to come” said Courtney.

SAB hopes to make the carnival an annual tradition during Homecoming weekend and they hope to make it even bigger in the years to come. They will be welcoming partnerships and collaborations for next year into the future.

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