As members of the PLU community and student journalists dedicated to seeking truth on campus, we aim to use this issue of The Mast to give Lutes an idea about what’s circulating on campus and what we know about the upcoming transition.


President Krise sent his letter of resignation to the Pacific  Lutheran University community more than three weeks ago, but he has not told the PLU community why he decided to resign. He hasn’t formally answered the questions students have, some of which are on the next page, and in the absence of answers, we’re left to fill in the blanks on our own.

The Mast staff has reached out multiple times to the president since the day of his letter, but has received no response from him as of Tuesday, May 9.

Throughout Krise’s five years at PLU, he has been open and willing to communicate with student media. He’s always taken the time to talk with student reporters at events and has even invited reporters to his home, link to article. We have applauded Krise for his commitment to transparency and encouragement of student media. However, his silence now strikes us as odd and disheartening.

Patty and Tom Krise are commonly heard names on campus, and that’s unique. The care and attention PLU’s first family shows the student body is visible on campus — Krise has taught a class every year, and Patty highlights student success on social media. We know how much the Krises care, and this makes their silence now echo even more. His silence on such a significant matter is confusing, not only to the Mast staff but to students who are looking for an explanation.

This feature centerfold could have been a platform for Krise to address the PLU community, share his thoughts about

resigning and answer questions. However, in the absence of a response from Krise, we cannot provide the “why” behind his departure.

The role of journalism is to provide the “why.” Silence from people in positions of power hinders the ability of media to advocate for and serve their community. Without transparent communication between those with information and everyone else, rumors emerge and intensify.

Krise has frequently referenced the

inclusion of care in PLU’s mission statement. As president, he has historically been a first line of communication with student media and students in general. The closed doors to the student body are a sudden shift in tone, and we still don’t know why ◼︎


  • What made you decide to leave?
  • Was it your choice to leave?
  • Did you accomplish everything you wanted to when you first started?
  • What is your plan for the future?
  • Are you really returning to PLU?
  • What kind of legacy do you hope to leave behind?
  • What has PLU taught you?
  • Is there anything you wish you could have done? 
  • What are your regrets?
  • Why have you been reluctant to share with the student body?
  • What was surprising about your 5 years at PLU?
  • Where will you live?
  • What is your plan for sabbatical?
  • What will you miss the most?
  • What will you miss the least?
  • Have you found your vocation?
  • How do you hope students remember you?
  • What does being a Lute mean to you?

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