This April something amazing happened for the first time in Pacific Lutheran University history: Liz Perkins, a senior public relations and advertising major, organized SOAC’s first school-wide art sale.

The sale, created not only to share 15 of PLU’s amazing student and alumni work, but also to fulfill Perkins’ capstone requirement, was held from Tues. April 25 to Thurs. April 27. Located in the Upper Grey Area of the Anderson University Center, a variety of artwork was being sold to the PLU community, by the PLU community.

Artwork for sale included pottery, postcards, photography, stickers and prints. 80 percent of the profits went back into the hands of the talented artists who set the prices for their art. 10 percent went to the sponsors of the event, the Art Club, and the final 10 percent went to the art and design department at PLU. The money given to the art department is used to cover costs of materials used by the students.

“It’s a good way for artists to get their names out there,” Perkins said.

For Perkins, who started out as an art major, art is a passion of hers, and she wanted to work that passion into her capstone.

Liz Perkins at the student art sale. Photo by Kelsey Littleton.

“I went into communication but I still really had a strong tie to the art program,” Perkins said. “When it came to picking out my capstone I wanted to combine art and communication.”

According to Perkins, she saw a need at PLU and decided to fill it.

The art sale was a huge success, with fellow students stopping to look at and purchase beautiful pieces of art while on their way to classes and lunch. This writer had the opportunity to look around and ended up buying a set of stickers showcasing the squirrels of PLU as well as a beautiful art print of a Shakespeare quote.

Perkins hopes that the art sale isn’t just a one-time event. She would love to see more of the PLU and Parkland community get involved, as well as to have it span over a weekend.

After graduating, Liz Perkins plans to do a marketing internship at an investment firm before flying over to London to begin grad school in order to obtain her Masters in advertising

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