As a team of writers, photographers and designers, The Mast staff fully supports the creative endeavors of Pacific Lutheran University Students. However, The Mast does not condone tampering with newspapers on newsstands in any shape or form, as adding unauthorized content to newspapers threatens the integrity of our newspaper. The Mast’s mission is to serve the PLU community with carefully vetted news and opinion stories. Distributing unauthorized materials in our newspaper inhibits the PLU community from accessing news that is reported with honesty, intention and most importantly care. Those who tamper with Mast newspapers in such a way conflict with the Mast’s ability to adequately care for its community. These students could become the subject of Campus Safety investigations and face repercussions from Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Want to tell a story?

The Mast, The Matrix and Saxifrage are always interested in hearing and sharing student voices. Each publication maintains an open submission policy to ensure all students have the chance to participate in student media. Those interested in writing about social justice can submit to The Matrix. Saxifrage welcomes creative writing work, and The Mast is a great place for students looking to report on the campus news that matters to them or searching for a platform to share an opinion.

Want to get involved?

Join The Mast staff 8 p.m. Tuesdays in Anderson University Center room 172 for our weekly story meetings. Come with an idea or just to get a feel for what we do. Our door is always open, and students from all disciplines are welcome.

Want to make a submission?

Contact The Mast, The Matrix and Saxifrage at the following email addresses:


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