Mast Radio: Sports Producer;

Christian Bond, DJ Winter and Seth Birsching bring an hour of PLU sports, as well as local sports talk every Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Christian, DJ and Seth discussed what happened with PLU Athletics over the weekend.

The Seattle Mariners admitted they need to get better at first base. Christian, DJ and Seth talk about who could be a good fit for the team.

The Seattle Seahawks won a nail-biter against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. Christian, DJ and Seth decide if the Seahawks beat the Rams, or the Rams beat the Rams.

Chris Petersen voiced his displeasure with the late start times that the University of Washington football program has to deal with. ESPN answered with their own thoughts on the late kickoffs. Christian, DJ and Seth pick a side.

Check out H&C Sports with Hina Aliu and Carson Barnett on Friday’s at 10:30 a.m. Also on Friday, tune into What’s the Big Dyl with Dylan Foreman, Sarah Cornell-Maier and Zach Goff. ◼︎

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