Jose and Qiana Velez, owners of Q’s Coffee House believed that a coffee shop should be filled with conversation and music.

The new coffee shop opened April 8, replacing the well-known Northern Pacific Coffee Company (NPCC) on Garfield Street. The coffee shop was a surprise for Jose’s wife, Qiana.

“She’s always dreamed of having a coffee shop,” Jose said. “She gives me strength, and nothing would be possible without her.”

The Parkland entrepreneurs said that they took over the coffee shop after NPCC closed in January 2017 in order to give back to their community.

“We wanted to do this for the students,” Qiana said. “We want the coffee shop to be welcoming for everybody.”

As exciting as the new venture is, it can be overwhelming.

Q’s Coffee house opened April 8. Photo by Oliver Johnson.

“It is challenging and a lot of pressure,” Jose said. “The man upstairs handles the rest. All prayers to him.”

Not that couple of seven years don’t already have plenty of experience. They are also the owners of JQ’s Barbershop and JQ’s Boutique.

Jose says he’s always dreamed of owning both the barber shop and the coffee house.

“I want to set goals for the public. I want to give individuals a vision that anything is possible,” Jose said.

Their goal with the coffee house is to transform it into a safe space. They removed the alcohol from the coffee shop, hoping this will add to the progressive atmosphere.

On the menu at Q’s, customers will discover soups and salads as well as sandwiches ranging from ham and cheese to the “Trippleta”, a staple in Puerto Rico.

“You won’t find the Trippleta anywhere in this community. Guaranteed,” Jose said.

Jose Velez has also made a change to the type of ground coffee that is served since the NPCC closed.

Customers will still find their favorite coffee beverages on the menu: mochas, cappuccinos, lattes as well as hot chocolate, juices and coconut water.

The coffee house’s hours will be from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and it will feature an open mic night on Thursday nights, poetry on Friday nights and stand-up comedy on Saturday nights.

“I want to set goals for the public. I want to give individuals a vision that anything is possible.” – Jose Velez.

As the two continue to create businesses that bring the community together, they respect all businesses on the street.

“We show all of the other owners admiration, and we try to work together to improve the community,”  Jose Velez said.

Q’s Coffee House promotes creativity and delivers an atmosphere that reminds patrons of home.

For Lutes, the coffee house is a quick coffee fix in-between classes, but for Jose and Qiana Velez, it is a stepping stone for a brighter and more coffee-filled future. ◼︎

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