PARIS M. FRANKLIN ; Culture Editor;

On Friday May 5, Lutes gathered in the Cave to watch sophomore Sam Ellefson’s newest edition of Late Knight. As always, the event was broadcast live on YouTube and filmed in front of a live audience.

During the episode, Ellefson touched on current events such as the Sciene March, the recent ASPLU election on-campus and President Krise’s sudden resignation.

Sam Ellefson Giving his opening monologue about ASPLU elections, President Krise and the science march. Photo by McKenna Morin

He also welcomed senior Kate Hall and Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies Giovanna Urdangarain to discuss how to avoid cultural appropriation on Cinco de Mayo.

Despite the serious subjects discussed, The night was far from short on entertainment; Ellefson organized a number of games with members of the audience and  sketches with members of his crew.

Oddly enough, among his participants were a pair of brothers, senior Luke Smith and first-year Dave Smith, both Pacific Lutheran University students.

Each was able to contribute to a different part of the evening—Dave was in a planned sketch called “Average Money Maker”  and Luke was selected from the audience to participate in a game in which he attempted to search for printed letters in a kiddie pool full of confetti in order to spell seven letter words on a board behind him. ◼︎

Senior Luke Smith and Sam Ellefson hunt for letters in a pool of confetti to spell out seven letter words on a board behind them.
Photo by McKenna Morin.

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