HANNAH SOLTIS; Copy Editor; soltishe@plu.edu

Several changes are coming to Pacific Lutheran University’s Mortvedt Library.

The Center for Student Success (CSS), formerly known as the Academic Assistance Center, is a major renovation. The area is now open instead of walled off and, because all the furniture is on wheels, is highly flexible. Students will have access to study space and peer tutors. This area is one of the legacies left by Provost Rae Linda Brown who died this summer.

Director of Academic Assistance Leslie Foley commented, “The space is beautiful and welcoming,” and she encourages students to think of “how nice it will be to use the space for studying and learning, or just relaxing and reading.” Her vision is that it “will be a place where students come because they value learning, both in and out of class, both individually and in community.” The CSS website, which consolidates several aspects of student support, now offers the option to sign up for an appointment with a tutor, writing consultant, language consultant, librarian or adviser.

Another change is the addition of a restroom on the first floor, which will have a single stall and be handicap accessible. For decades, students have wondered where to find the facilities, only to be told that they have to go to the second floor. After being directed to the second floor, first-year Camren Royer said, “I think that having a bathroom on the main level would be a courtesy to all students, especially for students who need the extra accessibility.”

While the prospect of a restroom on the first floor is exciting to those tired of climbing the stairs, some students and staff have concerns. In particular, the possibility that several people will use the one stall without increased instances of cleaning raises concerns about hygiene.

Other changes include a new front desk that is still to come and the rearrangement of the existing shelves on the first floor.

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