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Mackenzie Kintigh, Photo by McKenna Morin

Night of Musical Theatre (NOMT) is a student-led production that occurs every Fall semester. Many of the students describe this show as a music review rather than an actual production. It gives an opportunity to analyze a certain theme through music.

When people think of the word love, they think of a positive emotion. On another note, loss is seen as the complete opposite of love. It is this emotion of hurt rather than joy. That was the theme for the 2017 production of Night of Musical Theatre.

NOMT students showcasing musical hits. PHOTOS BY MCKENNA MORIN

This year’s theme focused on what love and loss truly mean through the magic of music. The show started out on happy note with the “Addams Family” opening as the first song. However, it didn’t only focus on how love can be a positive feeling, but also on how love can go astray.

“It is kind of a tongue in cheek joke but it also represents this idea that love generally starts in the family place,” said junior Blayne Fujita, the student director of NOMT. “It explores ideas of romance, friendship and family and how all those could go awry.”

“It has to do with many versions of love like platonic love or love between family members. Love between a spouse,” said sophomore Madison Willis about what the meaning of love and loss is. “And also heartbreak.”

Willis’ role in NOMT was as a singer in a piece from the musical, “Anything Goes.” This specific song focuses on loving yourself and forgetting what the world wants you to be.

NOMT is not just limited to the Theatre majors, but is open to everyone at Pacific Lutheran University. This production gives opportunities to all who are interested in singing as a main role or in the chorus. It is an event that is designed to be welcoming.

“My favorite part of Night of Musical Theatre is that there is one musical production for the theatre department every year,” senior Lydia Bill said.  “It gives people a chance to do more musical theatre to people who might not be able to be in the main production.”

Many challenges had made scheduling an issue for the production as it was the third show of the season. However, one of the biggest obstacles about this production for Fujita was not just the scheduling or the long rehearsals, but rather himself.

“There has been a lot of self doubt and doubting myself only creates problems for me,” said Fujita. “Overall, I think this task has been wonderful. Honestly, this show has been a breeze.”

What started from a small student-lead open mic to a main stage production, NOMT has given every student on campus the opportunity to become a musical theater star.

Although there have been some challenges that the production had to endure, Fujita was excited to see the joy from all his cast. He loved that he gets to see everything click especially with the actors who have never done a NOMT. ◼︎

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