Walking into the Ingram Art Gallery, a chilling song fills the air as people walk around viewing the various art pieces. It is hard to understand what is going on until you read what each art work represents. Migration Art, an art installment by local artist Matthew Olds which will be running until April 12, brings perspective on the reality behind the experience of migration through intricate and diverse pieces. This art display shows the impact that migration has on an individual and on a global scale.

One of the most interesting pieces is made of 1200 pounds of salt, and represents the migration of people making the dangerous journey from Mexico to the United States across the border. The salt provides a visual of the impact of migratory death by displaying the amount found in the human body, multiplied by the number of those who lost their lives crossing the Southern border.

The art piece “Salvation” shows why so many people make the trip to the United States where they dream of living without fear and turmoil.

The environment of each work fills the room with a heavy presence. It brings viewers a sense of what is truly happening in the world, even in their own backyard.  The overall theme of the gallery, according to Olds, is that the issue of migration fades away or is forgotten in daily life.

Olds challenges the viewer to understand that the topic of migration is muted by other issues in the world. Olds showcases that there are different types of migration. It is not just a physical migration, but also a spiritual one.

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