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“Who you gonna call?…ghostbusters!”  Just in time for Halloween, the second season of the hit Netflix original series,“Stranger Things” became available for streaming on Oct. 27. The first season wraps up with the return of Will from the “Upside Down” and the whereabouts of Eleven unknown after her heroic battle with the Demogorgon.

Even though the second season of “Stranger Things” has not been out for long, if you’re like me, you’ve probably already binge-watched all nine episodes and are now wondering when the third season is coming out. Until then, here’s a recap of some of the most memorable moments in season two that left us all shocked, excited and geeking out over the show.

“He likes it cold:” The second season focuses on Will, who despite finally leaving the alternative dimension, is still stuck in the “Upside Down” as a spy to the Mind Flayer.  One of the best performances of this season hands down is from Noah S, the actor who plays Will, on the show.

Millie Bobby Brown stars as Eleven in “Stranger Things.”

His portrayal of being possessed by the Mindflayer and his episodes in the “Upside Down” always leave fans shocked, if not a little terrified, of what Will’s character has become.  At this point, I’m hoping Will catches a break in season three because poor kid has been stuck in the “Upside Down” for two seasons now.

There were many crazy moments in the second season, but I argue that one of most intense scenes has to be in Chapter Seven where Will—possessed by the Mind Flayer—pushes everyone in Hawkins Lab into a death trap of Demogorgons, which leads me to my next point….

“Bob Newby, Superhero”: This season also brought the introduction of many new characters.  One of them was Bob —a goofy, romantic love interest for Joyce.  During the start of the season, I thought Bob’s character lacked depth.  He seemed to only be there to provide support to Joyce and give some pretty bad advice to Will.

But over the course of the season, like many other fans, I grew to love Bob’s quirky sense of humor and quick thinking that helped save Hopper.  So, in episode seven when Bob was brutally eaten alive by the Demogorgons, it would be an understatement to say fans were upset.

The worst part for me was seeing Bob rush past those doors because at that moment, I happily thought he might have a chance for survival.  But in this life or death moment, Bob’s choice to stop and smile at Joyce, instead of running led to his death   

I think we were all a little mad about Bob’s choices in those brief seconds.  Maybe if Bob continued to run, he would still be alive, but like any show, his death was significant to the plot and gave the rest of the characters the necessary push to save their town from the evil wrath of the Mind Flayer.  Sadly, Bob’s character was just too nice and pure for this world—rest in peace, Bob.

“Justice for Barb”:  In season one of “Stranger Things,” we saw the death of Nancy’s best friend, Barb.  In this new season, we saw Nancy’s guilt surrounding Barb’s death push her away from Steve and closer to Jonathan as they both team up to take down Hawkin’s Lab.  Honestly, I’m still slightly annoyed that no one spent any time looking for Barb in season one when she went missing.  At least, Barb receives some justice in season two with a proper funeral.

“Totally Tubular”character development: I favored the unlikely pairing of Steve and Dustin where Steve serves as a sort of mentor to Dustin.  Their brotherly relationship works extremely well since they are both in a time of isolation where their characters can build off each other and use one another for support.  Plus, no one can go wrong with Steve’s hair advice.  In fact, one of the characters that many fans went from hating to loving in season two was Steve.  Steve’s character developed a lot this season as he transformed from “high school mean guy” to loving babysitter.

Overall, the second season of “Stranger Things” captivated the hearts of fans of all ages with its amazing cast and 80s references that made the show enjoyable for many audiences. Now, as we all await another year for season three, there are still many questions left unanswered.  What other monsters will there be in the third season?  Will Joyce and Hopper ever get together?  Will the “Upside Down” finally leave Will alone?  If there’s an “Eight,” what other new characters are yet to be discovered?  I guess we’ll just have to wait another year to find out. ◼︎

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