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As spring semester winds down, students vigorously work to put the cap on their capstones. Senior Elizabeth “Liz” Perkins is no exception as she places the finishing touches on her Student Art Sale, a Communication capstone project aimed at showcasing student artwork while giving back to the art department.

The Student Art Sale takes place April 25 to 27 in the Anderson University Center grey area. Artists make 80 percent commission on every art piece they sell. The remaining 20  percent will be divided between Art Club and the School of Arts & Communications.

Perkins designed the sale as part of her capstone project to celebrate the talent of PLU’s art students and simultaneously raise funds for art materials and tools. The sale also provides art students with the opportunity to profit from their work in a market setting.

“[I want] students to learn that gallery work isn’t the only way to sell,” Perkins said. “Going to markets, fairs and trade shows are also very reliable ways of income and getting your name out there.”

So far, Perkins has received approximately 20 submissions from both current students and alumni. Submissions include 3-D ceramics work, photographs and postcards.

Perkins encourages artists to drop by the sale to

Photo courtesy of Liz Perkins.

personally market their work to customers.

Perkins said she derived inspiration for the sale after getting involved with SOAC her first year. Perkins said that her ties to art students and professors have strengthened as she’s navigated the department. Now an art minor,   Perkins sees the need for a PLU student art sale.

“I’m not an art major, but I have all the insight of the art majors,” Perkins said. “I have this unique look into what they would like out of PLU and what they wish they had. I found the need and the want [for an art sale].”

Perkins said she hopes the sale will provide both profit and experience for PLU’s budding artists. “Everyone [at PLU] is super supportive of each other, so I feel it’s going to be a good way for them to get that experience before they have to go out into the real world,” Perkins said.

Perkins said students can email  her a to submit works for sale

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