Terran Warden; Mast Radio Arts & Culture Producer; wardentc@plu.edu

Brooke Thames, our new Editor-In-Chief, joins Terran to discuss everything in the world of pop culture and celebrity in the past few weeks.

After giving listeners the scoop on everything in music, television, relationships, and the just plain bizarre, Terran and Brooke break down some of the bigger stories that happened over break including who exactly is responsible for the Oscars Best Picture mishap.

They end the show with all the upcoming concerts in Seattle and Tacoma as well as a list of upcoming drag shows.

Be sure to follow Terran’s Take on Twitter for updates on everything pop culture. Terran’s Take is back for Spring semester with Thursday shows bi-weekly at 4pm. Catch the next one March 16th!

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Terran Warden
Terran Warden was an Arts & Culture producer for Mast Media while she was at PLU. Her TV and radio program "Terran's Take" provided unique and entertaining updates on popular culture.

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