Terran Warden; Mast Radio Arts & Culture Producer; wardentc@plu.edu

For the final Terran’s Take podcast, Terran Warden is joined by four of her past cohosts (Alyssa Blaine, Eamon Thornton, Jared Couch, and Jared Martin) to discuss everything in pop culture and celebrity from the past two weeks.

They start the show by updating on developments from the last show, available to listen to here. They then fill listeners in on everything in music, television, movies, and relationships.

Moving on to the bizarre stories of the week, Terran and her friends discuss the string of robberies in Hollywood including A$AP Rocky and Amber Rose as well as Mo’nique’s statements to Oprah…

Terran finishes the show with a salute to all of her listeners as Terran’s Take must now come to a close. I hope you will follow me wherever my career takes me. See you there!

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