Pacific Lutheran University’s improv comedy group is preparing for their final shows of the 2016-2017 school year. The Clay Crows have had a busy May, planning not only their last two shows, called The Garden of Crowden and Crodown, but also performances for events on campus like Late Knight.

This year was big for the group of 12 PLU students. The Clay Crows took third place at the College Improv Tournament (CIT) Northwest Regionals, which was the highlight of the year for many Crows.

“I liked spending 18 hours total with the Crows together during CITs,” said junior Morgan DeKlyen. “It was a long time but it was a great time.”

The group also added three crows to their nest: sophomore Sam Ellefson, junior Gabby Dolan and first-year Madison Willis.

The Clay Crows have used this year to try out a couple new styles of improv. Earlier this May the Crows held a show called The Garden of Crowden. This show was the brainchild of senior Anthony Aguilar.

He discovered this style of improv while studying away in Australia during Fall 2016. Basically, Garden of Crowden poses the question, “What would the world be like if a PLU student was God?” The Crows picked a member out of the audience and this specific student played God for the night.

Their final show of the school year is called Crowdown.  The Crows are still planning the details of their final show, but students can expect to see something hilarious.

“We love doing shows during finals week because it’s a good way for students to take a brain vacation and get an hour of laughs and fun time in the midst of finals,” said senior Sadi Wentz.

The Clay Crows have two seniors in their nest, Sadi Wentz and Anthony Aguilar. Crowdown will be the final show for the two graduating members. Wentz plans to open a community theatre company as well as a voice and piano studio where she can share her passion for music. Aguilar will be heading down to San Francisco to be an account executive with Yelp.

Their final show, Crowdown, will be held on Tuesday, May 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the black box studio theatre at Karen Hille Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. ◼︎

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