90th Anniversary Celebration

The Mooring Mast celebrate its 90th

Ninety years is more than just a milestone. To us, it’s a moment to reflect on the generations of student journalists who came before us and the unique connection we share with them.

The first issue of The Mooring Mast was published on Wednesday, October 29, 1924. This is the year the volume ticker on our front page rolled over to 90, and we take a lot of pride in that.

As we thumb through the pages of our archives, the content feels both foreign and familiar. We laugh empathetically at typos, smile at silly headlines, and bemoan seeing the same defeats in the sports section we still see today. A November 1936 article titled “Christmas Program to feature first choir appearance” gave us a smug sense of knowing as we thought about the importance Choir of the West’s Christmas concert now has.  When we found a 1973 article titled “Regent decision on alcohol engenders debate, confusion, and duress,” it was shockingly similar to our coverage of the Tobacco ban in the spring of 2012.

We also see the names and faces of PLU legends who seem so far away from us now. Names like President Tinglestad, President Ordal, and Gary Pflueger jump from the pages, adding dimension to tradition. A 1998 edition of “Sidewalk Talk” offered gratuitous use of the word “coolio,” while a slightly alarming 1954 article aggressively encouraged upperclassmen to seize the last few days of freshman hazing.

Many things have changed at The Mooring Mast in 90 years, but some have not. What we know is that if there is a tradition or a significant event in PLU history, you can find it in our pages. What we take with us is the same passion and camaraderie that the newspaper’s alumni felt.

We look forward to hearing more stories from The Mooring Mast’s history and sharing this special time with our readers. Thank you to all of our supporters, readers, and employees – all 90 years of you.

We’re proud to be a part of it.