About Mast Radio

Mission & Vision

The mission of Mast Radio is to provide students in various academic disciplines the ability to create and engage in news and talk programs on LASR (Lute Air Student Radio) with material and support from Mast Media and its various media outlets.

The vision of Mast Radio is to be the broadcast radio and podcast arm of Mast Media, ushering in the era of a converged newsroom and story-based student media organization whose reach is beyond print and is engaged in all media formats.


About The Mast Radio Hour

Our very first Mast Radio program, The Mast Radio Hour, has aired continuously  on Tuesday nights since September 2015. The show originally aired at 8 p.m. as a news only show with producer and host, Eddie McCoven. In October 2015, the show was moved to the 9 p.m. time slot, and co-hosts Samantha Lund and Paris Franklin were added. The format of the show was also changed from a news broadcast to a news and talk show. In this format, stories are introduced by a co-host or guest host, and the co-hosts discuss the story from personal and professional perspectives. This format is often used by professional media and is often referred to as a “Reporter’s Notebook.” Currently, The Mast Radio Hour is the only Mast Radio program that is available as a podcast. The show is still produced by Eddie McCoven with assistance from David Leon, and input from the co-hosts and guest hosts.

In addition to The Mast Radio Hour, Mast Radio features three 60-minute streaming internet radio broadcasts on LASR, which include Molly & Thomas in the Morning, Mast Radio Sports, and Mast Radio: Brooke & Sam which are produced by their respective hosts under the direction of the Program Director and the supervision of the Faculty Adviser.



Mast Radio uses content from other Mast Media outlets, including, but not limited to, The Mast, Mast Magazine and Mast TV. Additionally, Mast Radio shows rely on additional material from our on-air personalities to provide an enriched programming experience. Like other news and talk shows, Mast Radio shows move freely between news reporting and opinion and do not distinguish between the two, and interpretation of both news and opinion is left up to the listening audience.

Mast Radio shows are styled as podcasts which suggests they are minimally scripted. The news stories are generally read from previously prepared text. Commentary following the news reporting is ad lib. Views expressed are solely those of the individuals on the program and do not reflect the views of Mast Media or PLU.

For questions, comments, or concerns about any Mast Radio shows, please contact:

Eddie McCoven
Producer and Program Director
(253) 535- 7494