Mast TV offers a unique opportunity to all students interested in the television industry. We are one of the few student-run television stations in the state of Washington, and students run all aspects of production.

We provide connections between students and the greater PLU community in an ethical, sustainable, and diverse way, while showcasing entertainment, news, and campus events.

We teach television broadcast in a hands-on, professional, and educational manner. We will provide students with necessary and competitive skills to prepare them for lives of leadership, teamwork, and media literacy.

About The Mast

The Mast is PLU’s student-run newspaper. It was first printed in 1924 in the basement of the university chapel. The unusual name of the newspaper comes from the USS Shenandoah, a U.S. Navy airship. In nearby Fort Lewis there was a large mooring structure for the airship and the students derived the name from this in honor of the famed ship.