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Sunday, February 25, 2018

CE Corner: K-Pop with Kiana

The Copy Editors’ Corner is a recurring feature of  reviews written by Mast copy editors. KIANA NORMAN-SLACK; Copy Editor; normanks@plu.edu Welcome back, fam. This time around, I’ll be discussing some of my favorite...

CE Corner: “The Girl on the Train” is on the right track

BREANNA WIERSMA; Copy Editor; wiersmbm@plu.edu “The Girl on the Train” is a 2015 thriller novel and a New York Times best-seller by Paula Hawkins. With the release of its film adaptation in...

Reviewing Common Reading: Do we really need new names?

HANNAH SOLTIS & BREANNA WIERSMA; Copy Editors; soltishe@plu.edu & wiersmbm@plu.edu “We Need New Names” is the breakout novel by NoViolet Bulawayo that was published in 2013, and was a finalist for the Man Booker Prize...

K-Pop with Kiana

KIANA NORMAN-SLACK; Copy Editor; normanks@plu.edu I like to call myself a K-Pop enthusiast. I used to call myself K-Pop trash (I mean, it’s still kind of the same thing), but enthusiast is...

Copy Editors’ Corner: why everyone should be a feminist

The Copy Editors' Corner is a recurring feature of book reviews written by Mast Copy Editors. HANNAH SOLTIS; Copy Editor; soltishe@plu.edu “We Should All Be Feminists” is an essay adapted from...