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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Interfaith Voices

Bringing religious pluralism to campus consciousness. Every year, the day after Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday takeover: grocery stores, shopping malls and radio stations take on the task of proclaiming the coming of Christmas yet again. Though the Christmas narrative dominates the winter season, junior transfer student Aziza Ahmed is dedicated to giving representation and visibility to other faith and non-faith traditions this season and beyond.

Treasured traditions

Holiday events that bring Lutes together. Traditions give value to any celebration. Pacific Lutheran University holds high many traditions that manifest every holiday season. Every year PLU celebrates the holiday season with a pair of treasured traditions—the Winter Celebration of Light and Christmas Festival Concerts.

Home for the holidays

Where Lutes flock for the winter

Clicks that consume you

BEN LESCHENSKY; Mag Writer; leschebj@plu.edu One afternoon this past summer, I was doing some online shopping for a bike. College was quickly approaching and I was in need of some wheels. I...

Recipe for media literacy

RIZELLE ROSALES; Mast Mag Editor; mastmag@plu.edu Imagine walking into the world’s largest 24-hour conveyor-belt buffet. They have the technology, funding and resources to produce unlimited amounts of every dish imaginable to enjoy...

Locavore lifestyle

COURTNEY MIRANDA; Social Media & Outreach Coordinator; mirandcs@plu.edu I grew up in the Gallatin Valley beneath the Big Sky of Montana, where the buffalo still roam and the deer and antelope actually...

Livin’ la vida vegan

RIZELLE ROSALES; Mast Mag Editor; rosalera@plu.edu EDITOR’S NOTE: BROOKE THAMES IS THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF MAST MEDIA: People who know the Pacific Northwest may be familiar with a number of things: bike lanes,...

Addicting activities

GURJOT KANG; Mag Writer; kanggk@plu.edu Marya Schrock Maryah Schrock began her hobby of cross-stitching when she was just seven years old. For those who may not know, cross-stitching is a specific type of...

Facets: The Collective

RIZELLE ROSALES; Mast Magazine Editor; rosalera@plu.edu The Collective is an independent grassroots community of students that respond to social inequality through developing leadership and organizing action in the PLU community. What...