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Monday, January 22, 2018

Interfaith Voices

Bringing religious pluralism to campus consciousness. Every year, the day after Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday takeover: grocery stores, shopping malls and radio stations take on the task of proclaiming the coming of Christmas yet again. Though the Christmas narrative dominates the winter season, junior transfer student Aziza Ahmed is dedicated to giving representation and visibility to other faith and non-faith traditions this season and beyond.

Treasured traditions

Holiday events that bring Lutes together. Traditions give value to any celebration. Pacific Lutheran University holds high many traditions that manifest every holiday season. Every year PLU celebrates the holiday season with a pair of treasured traditions—the Winter Celebration of Light and Christmas Festival Concerts.

Home for the holidays

Where Lutes flock for the winter
First-year Morgan Roberts and senior John Doster in NOMT.

Night of Musical Theatre sings the meaning of love and loss

MACKENZIE KINTIGH; Arts & Culture Editor; kintigmf@plu.edu Night of Musical Theatre (NOMT) is a student-led production that occurs every Fall semester. Many of the students describe this show as a music review...

Freedom for Catalonia

In the last few months, the Catalonia region of Spain has been thrown into turmoil over a contentious referendum to declare independence.

Policy trumps Trump

ZACKERY GOSTISHA; Guest Writer; gostiszk@plu.edu Off-year elections are a lot like the cups of coffee I drink: there’s too many, I talk too much about them and no one else cares. Except...

Review: John Green novel explores mental illness

HANNAH SOLTIS; Copy Editor; soltishe@plu.edu John Green’s newest novel, “Turtles All the Way Down,” was released Oct. 10. It comes six years after his last novel, the bestselling “The Fault in Our...

Spoiler alert: “Stranger Things” gets stranger

GURJOT KANG; Guest Writer; kanggk@plu.edu “Who you gonna call?…ghostbusters!”  Just in time for Halloween, the second season of the hit Netflix original series,“Stranger Things” became available for streaming on Oct. 27. The...

Residence hall woes: what’s going on in Tingelstad

BEN LESCHENSKY; News Writer; leschebj@plu.edu If you’re a resident of Tingelstad Hall, you might have been dealing with a lot of issues the past couple weeks. Between elevators, leaking water and a...