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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Steve’s Stance: It’s Only A Game, No Need To Die Over It

Editor's Note: The High School player (19) is not dead, just getting up after being hit in a football game.  STEVE MCGRAIN Sports Editor mcgraist@plu.edu The nostalgic thought of “Friday Night Lights” is...

Steve’s Stance: Lutes Football Mid-Season Grade

STEVE MCGRAIN Sports Editor mcgraist@plu.edu Pacific Lutheran football continues to leave points on the field as they suffer a heartbreaking loss to Willamette, 10-9. The Lutes’ offense was unable to put the ball...

Steve’s Stance: A love reborn

STEVE MCGRAIN Sports Editor mcgraist@plu.edu I have always been infatuated with how a game plays out. Each of the nuances and the vision of the athletes is remarkable, and at times it...

Steve’s Stance: Can’t We All Just Get Along

Steve McGrain, Sports Editor After Monday Night Football in San Francisco last week, a video went viral of 49er fans beating a Minnesota Vikings fan until he laid motionless on...