PLU Campus Safety Incident Reports

This is the full unedited list of incidents reported to Mast Media by PLU Campus Safety. This data has not been modified except where noted.

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Common abbreviations:

  • CA – Community Assistant (CAAD – with additional duties)
  • CPFR Central Pierce Fire & Rescue (local fire department)
  • CSAF PLU Campus Safety
  • PCSD Pierce County Sheriff’s Department (local law enforcement department)
  • RA Resident Assistant (RAAD – with additional duties)
  • RD Resident Director
  • RFC – ‘Restricted From Campus’ Order
  • RLIF – PLU Residential Life
  • SRR PLU Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • TLC Trinity Lutheran Church

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Incident data is provided to Mast Media by the PLU Department of Campus Safety. Specific information requests should be directed to Campus Safety does not publish reports on false activations of fire, intrusion, or panic alarms. This data has not been modified in any way by Mast Media except where noted for personal privacy & security. Incident synopses included in Campus Safety Week in Review online posts may be edited to improve clarity.