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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Calling ‘cut’ on “The Monologues”

BROOKE THAMES; Editor-in-Chief; thamesb@plu.edu The initial news that the bi-annual production of “The Monologues” at Pacific Lutheran University had been canceled came via a Facebook post Feb. 14, just two days before...

How to sound smart about: Graduation

Check your CAPP report. The first step to preparing for graduation is being certain you are eligible to recieve your degree. All PLU students can generate a CAPP report via...

Water fountains targeted for student protest

Water fountain fixtures across Pacific Lutheran University’s campus were covered with tape Dec. 1 in an act of protest against the construction of the Liquid Natural Gas pipeline in Washington state.

Presidential Search Committee en route

The Presidential Search Committee, comprised of various leadership groups around the Pacific Lutheran University community, has begun the search for the next PLU president.

Residence hall woes: what’s going on in Tingelstad

BEN LESCHENSKY; News Writer; leschebj@plu.edu If you’re a resident of Tingelstad Hall, you might have been dealing with a lot of issues the past couple weeks. Between elevators, leaking water and a...

People at PLU: Jacob Mballow

HELEN WILMOT; Photographer; chunghh@plu.edu Mast Photographer Helen Wilmot caught up with Jacob Mballow about her experiences as a woman of color. Mast Photographer Helen Wilmot caught up with Jacob Mballow about her experiences...

Faculty Joint Committee finalizes recommendations

SARAH CORNELL-MAIER; News Editor; cornelsm@plu.edu The Faculty Joint Committee (FJC) released its final recommendations to the Pacific Lutheran University President on Oct. 30, outlining their ideas on reducing and reallocating faculty positions...

Tingelstad fire relocates students

BROOKE THAMES; Editor-in-Chief; thamesbe@plu.edu Editor’s Note: Ben Leschensky is a writer for Mast Media. This story has been updated since it's original print date, Nov. 17, 2017. A fire ignited in a Tingelstad...

Head football coach Scott Westering resigns

BREAKING NEWS—Head football coach Scott Westering announced his resignation Wednesday Nov. 15, ending his career at Pacific Lutheran University after 14 seasons.