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“When I look at you, I see a predator.”


Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, April 7, I was contacted by a student who wanted to share her story of being sexually assaulted on campus. This story was not meant to be radical or racy. The goal of the student and myself is to show the effects of the assault and what the process of taking legal action on- and off-campus is like. After discussing the story with advisers on campus and other staff at...

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“Bug” tackles tough topics

ERIN FLOM Guest Writer Scared of bugs? Then get ready to be frightened by the events of “Bug,” Pacific Lutheran University’s second-to-last play for this year’s theater season, opening April 17. “This play just grabs you and doesn’t let go of you,” said director, Cameron Waters, a junior. “The entire time you’re wondering ‘What’s going on? What’s gonna happen?’” Senior Katherine Mahoney. Senior Katherine Mahoney plays Agnes, the show’s lead. “She’s had a rough life. She comes from a history of multiple abuses,” Mahoney said. “She finds comfort in this new...

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Intramural spotlight


Paige Lilly was selected as an intramural volleyball captain as a first-year. David Mair, Staff Writer As a captain of her first intramural volleyball team, first-year Paige Lilly’s team lost every game that season, but earned the rank of an all-star intramural athlete. That team was compiled of a group of friends who had never played volleyball before, except for their captain. It was the team’s...

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Swipe on, swipe off: Evaluate your apps


Alexander Vo and Kylie Wheeler, Guest writers If you woke up this morning and checked Instagram, liked a Facebook post or even sent a Tweet, congratulations; you’re part of the 74 percent of men and women who use social media. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of cell phone owners use social media applications, 28 percent of whom use daily. Technology has become somewhat...