As an avid PLU sports fan, I have deemed it unacceptable to wear anything but black and gold. It’s OK to show off your pride.

Tied 28-28 with crosstown rival Puget Sound with  one second remaining in the game, seasoned PLU kicker Rich Isett looked onward towards the goal posts.  Isett, who graduated from PLU in 2010, warmed up his leg as he stepped onto the field. 

With time winding down, Isett leaned into the kick.  The ball left his foot faster than the eye could blink, sailing end over end and soaring through the goal posts.  The kick would’ve easily been good from 60 yards out. 

With that kick, PLU had won its sixth game of the year and looked unstoppable.  The field goal was PLU’s first game-winning kick since November 1989. After successfully converting the game-winning kick, Sparks Stadium was cacophonous. 

Fans left and right went ballistic.  They couldn’t believe what had just happened before their eyes as Isett celebrated with his teammates at midfield. 

The PLU football fan base is extraordinary.  These fans should get paid. They’re that good at what they do.  They’re professionals.  Many sports fans aspire to become legendary like the PLU faithful, but few ever reach the pinnacle in professional fanning. 

Yes, “fanning” is a word now.

In order to become a great fan, one must have a desire to yell- a lot.  It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a pee wee soccer game or a PLU football game.  Loud and cheerful fans are what motivate players to excel on the field. 

Except for golf.

Golfers are certainly a different breed of athlete.  They really need all that silence to hit a solid drive.  Whatever works I guess.

Not only do fans have to be loud, but they also have to be respectful. When a team is having a rough game and can barely scrape together any points, the worst thing that can happen is when its fan base starts booing and leaves the stadium. 

Fans need to be a source of encouragement to their team.  They also need to be loyal if they want their team to stand a chance of winning.  They can’t just get up and leave.

Fans have to give their team a chance and stick around until the end of the game.  The golden rule of fanning is to show your beloved team that you care about them.   

This year at Pacific Lutheran University, students have much to be excited about. 

The PLU football team is slated to finish in second place in the Northwest Conference this fall.  The women’s soccer team is coming off of its first winning season since 2006. 

The PLU fan base has something to look forward to this fall.  PLU should rise to the occasion and display their fanning at every sporting event this fall? 

This is our moment of truth. Don’t waste it. 

What makes a good fan? Sam says:

•    Wear black and gold, no matter the sporting event.

•    If your voice is hoarse at the end of the game, then you’ve done your job.

•    Be respectful.  Athletes hate it when you don’t support them.

•    Don’t make noise when noise isn’t necessary.

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