By Tahanyee Clendinen, A&E Writer

An exhibition of paintings by famous artist David Roholt provoked a strong and positive reaction from the crowd during the gallery opening Oct. 17.

Originally from Salt Lake City, David Roholt’s work has catapulted him into worldwide fame. According to his website,, “he has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Nicaragua, South Korea, and the United States.”

“The atmosphere is very opinionated,” sophomore Katie Wentzel said. “The art is very expressive.”

Roholt’s art consists of bright colors and harsh lines. Some paintings feature sizzling oranges and reds as the main focal point. Others have sultry, yet calming blues and purples.

The subject of his paintings, however, is not always immediately clear. Roholt’s art dwells on a blurred line between appreciating the abstractness of art and embracing the modern use of color and lines.

“I like the abstract qualities of his paintings” sophomore Jessica Guns said. “He uses a lot of color and texture in his art.”

Other students at the gallery opening appeared to enjoy Roholt’s art as well.

Jenny Roholt, artist David Roholt and Denise Yochum talk during Roholt’s gallery opening in Ingram Hall. Seven of the featured paintings have never been displayed in a gallery.

“The art is very modern and provokes a lot of communication,” sophomore Alexandra Steves said.

During the opening, there were many active and spirited debates all over the room. People zoomed from painting to painting with their views plastered all over their faces. From jubilant smiles to scowls, the communication came from all directions in every form.

All in all, Roholt’s gallery wasn’t a typical stuffed shirt event. There was room for discussion, laughter and the art seemed to motivate sincere emotion in its audience. Roholt’s exhibition is available for viewing from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and will run in Ingram Hall’s University Gallery until Nov. 13.

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