Welcome to the centerfold of the paper and another year, or maybe your first year, at Pacific Lutheran University. My name is Bjorn Slater, I am a finance major, a junior and editor of the new Business section which has replaced the Features section this year.

Business is a broad term and covers many topics, so there are a lot of options as far as content for this section goes. I plan on keeping up on as much national news as possible, such as Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Nokia’s Phones Division for $7.2 billion. I will focus on local news that is more relevant to us here at PLU as well, like the financial side of the Garfield Station construction. I also plan to roll out content about furthering your career, such as how to find an internship, and what kinds of experiences students have had with their internships. You can already check out this article on how to find a job while going to school.

I am open to ideas from readers as well, and if you would like to get more involved, feel free to email us at mast@plu.edu about writing stories of your own.

I look forward to hearing responses to the new section and hope everyone had a great first week back. ◼︎

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