By Jessica Trondsen, Editor-in-Chief

During weekly staff meetings here at The Mooring Mast, we think about three weeks at a time. We reflect on the last week’s issue, check that content has arrived for the current week’s edition and plan for the week that follows.

I don’t quite know what to do with myself this week. This is our last issue of the semester.

Luckily, I have plenty to look back on, a week I’m trying to make the most of and more to look forward to when it comes to The Mast.

Anyone who has spent five minutes — and sometimes less than 30 seconds — in conversation with me has likely heard me mention my job. I can segue anything into a Mast anecdote.

I love what I get to do here, and I love telling people about what student media has offered me.

I consider myself very fortunate that the University Student Media Board has hired me to continue in this position for next school year.

Serving as editor-in-chief of The Mooring Mast is something I never thought I would do. Further, this is a job that at one point in my college career I never thought I would want to do —  or, frankly, could do.

Mostly, I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough support. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wrong about anything in my life.

In the first issue of this semester, I wrote an editorial saying how proud I was of this paper. That sentiment still holds true 10 weeks later. I love the paper, but I love it because of all of you.

This paper is the product of the people who are behind it. As I’ve learned this year, those people form an overwhelmingly supportive crowd.

This year’s staff is made up of extremely talented, thoughtful, funny and generous individuals who I have the absolute privilege of calling my co-workers and, better yet, my friends.

These are the people who got up early to conduct interviews for stories, stayed up late to finish page layouts and didn’t balk too much when I asked them to do a 20-page issue instead of the usual 16 during this last production week. I would have gone crazy without them here each week.

In addition, I have been given incredibly helpful feedback along the way from The Mast’s advisers, Art Land and Cliff Rowe, and the entire Media Board.

And, as is custom to Pacific Lutheran University, there is an intelligent audience of readers and viewers who hold us accountable, provide content and care about what we do here.

I could not — and would not want to — do any part of this job without the support everyone has offered. But most of all, I’m thankful I get to do this job.

The Mast won’t print again until September — but that doesn’t mean the news stops, and that doesn’t mean The Mast stops.

Jobs are up on Career Connections for editors, photographers, reporters and various positions at Mast TV. We’re planning for next year, and we’d love for you to get involved.

I have learned several valuable lessons from working at The Mast this year. One I have found particularly important is doing what you love and taking pride in it. And when you are able to do that, you should not take the opportunity for granted.

I am happy I can reminisce, and I am fortunate I can look forward.

Thank you for a great semester. ◼︎

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