By Kjersti Andreassen, Guest Writer

There’s a new face at the Pacific Lutheran University Women’s Center this year. Hired in June, PLU senior Jimena Mascaro is the new volunteer and program coordinator.

Mascaro’s job involves preparing paperwork, making sure fliers are put up and making coffee for vistors.

“I was thinking and asking about a scholarship, and found out that they also had a job position,” Mascaro said. “So I thought, ‘this would be an amazing

Jimena Mascaro is the latest addition to the Women's Center staff, replacing former student Kelsey Greer.
Jimena Mascaro is the latest addition to the Women’s Center staff.

idea. Why not just apply to both?'”

Mascaro is majoring in sociology and minoring in women and gender studies.

Originally from Peru, Mascaro said she has personally experienced prejudice as a Latino immigrant, which is part of why she chose to study sociology.

“I wanted to understand what was really happening with the system of inequality and with people in general,” she said.

Mascaro said she wants to fight for gender equity and help disadvantaged women, in particular women of color. She has previously been part of a women’s center at a community college.

While there, she worked with women from a wide range of difficult backgrounds. She said the Women’s Center at PLU has a very unique atmosphere, something that is helpful to accomplish its goals.

“I love the idea that it’s not an office. It’s a house where you can hang out, and you have the couches and kitchen … and everyone was so nice,” Mascaro said. Upon arriving at the Women’s Center, she said she almost immediately asked herself how she could help.

The Women’s Center seeks to educate both men and women about gender-related issues. Mascaro’s responsibility is to help facilitate and coordinate events the center hosts.


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