PLU students elected six new Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University senators Friday, Sept. 29.

The newly-elected senators, along with their peers elected in spring 2014, will represent the interests of the student body through providing and allocating legislation, approval, personnel and ASPLU finances to support policies and programs.

Students voted in the Sept. 29 elections to elect: one senator to represent Foss Hall and Pfleuger Hall, one senator to represent Stuen Hall and Ordal Hall, one senator to represent Hinderlie Hall and Hong Hall, one senator to represent Harstad Hall, an incoming at-large senator and an incoming senator to represent off-campus students.

Luke Smith, the senator representing Foss and Pflueger, and Allie Ash, the senator representing Stuen and Ordal, hope to involve students in the halls they represent.

Bastian McKeen, an off-campus senator, is hoping that his second year in the ASPLU Senate will allow him to form a better communication system for off-campus students, who McKeen said often feel alienated at PLU.

“I was a senator last year, and unfortunately, because of either time or budget constraints, none of my projects ever came to fruition,” McKeen said.

Melissa Munson, the senator representing Hong and Hinderlie, said she’s excited to bring thoughts and ideas of students to ASPLU.

“I’m just very excited to have what students want be represented,” Munson said.

Tess Sawatki was elected to the position of at-large senator and Brooke Johnson was elected to represent Harstad Hall.

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