Erin Flom, Guest Writer

Although Disney films are usually associated with childhood, it’s common for college students to have some of these classic films waiting for them on their Netflix Instant list. An essential part of growing up has always been Disney, from watching classic animated films to taking a trip to one of the parks.

Disney fans should look into Pacific Lutheran University’s Disney Club. This is Disney Club’s first year of running meetings and events. Last year, President Liz Perkins and her fellow officers bonded through their love of Disney and thought about starting a club.

“We were really just joking about making a club last year, saying it would be a good idea,” Perkins said. “I then started to look in to what it would take to make a club and decided that I should do it.”

After a lot of discussion, they decided to informally form a club last spring. Fall 2014 is the official start of the PLU Disney Club. Even in its first year, this club is starting off on the right foot.

Perkins sees Disney Club as a way to relax and have fun. Perkins said PLU can be stressful, so it’s important that Disney Club welcomes everyone, even those without much knowledge of Disney. It’s a place to relax, hang out, and make new friends.

Unfortunately, the club is not allowed show movies due to copyright laws. Even without movie nights, Disney Club is still packed with events. Perkins plans to have Disney-themed game nights, baking nights, craft nights and trivia events.

They also plan to write letters to the various Disney characters. According to Perkins, students can write to them as if they were friends back home, about how they liked a movie or even just ask for advice. The letters are then sent to the Disney World P.O. Box.

Through Disney Club, students can learn about Disney’s College Program. This program allows college students to earn up to 12 credits while working at a Disney park.

Disney Club also hopes to be involved in the community. In the future, the club’s leaders aspire to provide events for children in the Parkland area.

Disney Club meets every other Monday at 7 p.m. in The Cave. ◼︎

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