by Samantha Lund, News Editor

Photo by John Froschauer
Photo by John Froschauer

Peaceful and violent protests nationwide plagued the streets when Darren Wilson walked away from the Michael Brown shooting without being charged with any crime.

Wilson, a former police officer, was accused of murdering unarmed Brown. The grand jury’s decision led to riots, the worst in Ferguson where stores were looted, set on fire and people were badly hurt.

The morning after, Pacific Lutheran University students stood in the rain to hold a silent protest.

Through social media and student determination, students came together the morning after the decision in honor of vistims of racialized violence.

Students and staff gathered together at the Karen Hillie Phillips Center. Beginning at 8 a.m. they stood for an hour, holding hands.

The protest was put together by senior Ashley Hill, a member of the Black Student Union.

Hill said she wanted to voice her opinion and decided to do it in a constructive way. That night, she organized a student-led protest for the next morning. ◼︎

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