We’ve all been there, first week at a new school. To prepare our incoming first-years we’ve compiled a little cheat sheet so you know exactly what to expect.

1. Parents just left. FREEEEEEDOM!

2. Roommate? You mean best friend?

3. This year I’ll be a 4.0 student!

4. I can do anything or be anyone here!

5. Oh he’s cute…. say something say something say something

6. Wait who am I supposed to have dinner with?

7. More first-years! I am one of you!

8. Wait. Harstad is just a building full of girls?

9. And all this food…. is free?

10. I think I’m going to like it here.

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Samantha Lund was the Editor in Chief at The Mast, a student-run newsroom within Pacific Lutheran University, in 2015-16. Lund created Mast Magazine in 2015 to give students a forum for long form news pieces. She could be found writing for Pacific Lutheran University's Marketing and Communication site plu.edu or interning at MOViN 92.9's morning talk show in Seattle. Other places to find her content include: Alaska Airlines blog and website, The News Tribune and The Bremerton Harald.